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Innovative Patient-Centered Care for Cancer

The current system of cancer care is not built to optimize for patients, according to our speakers. Clinical trials optimize for sponsor outcomes. Hospitals and clinics optimize for payer reimbursement. Translational research optimizes for publication impact. Electronic health records are optimized for billing efficiency.

Join us in-person or online as Katie Coleman (cancer survivor, founder of the Chromophobe and Oncocytic Tumor Alliance and team member at the Rare Cancer Research Foundation) and Rare Cancer Research Foundation President Marshall Thompson advocate for a better way.

Putting the patient at the center of the cancer research and care ecosystem requires new tools and capabilities. Patients are uniquely positioned—as both ultimate source and beneficiary of all cancer-related samples, data, and findings—to power a change in the way we approach oncology innovation in the clinic and in the laboratory. The first steps toward a patient-centered oncology research, collaboration and clinical exploration program are possible today, and RCRF is building toward a future that empowers all cancer patients to participate in and benefit from the promises of modern personalized medicine.

About the Speakers

Katie Coleman is a devoted and innovative software engineer whose experiences navigating an ultra-rare kidney cancer profoundly shaped her career and purpose. Her passion lies not only in finding solutions that improve that patient experience but also in leveraging her technical expertise to translate these solutions to reality in ways that provide patients opportunities to enable research and medical advances. As the product engineering lead at RCRF, Coleman's role transcends typical engineering boundaries. She marries her technical expertise with a personal commitment to advocacy, striving to propel research and improve outcomes for those battling rare cancers. Coleman is founder of the Chromophobe and Oncocytic Tumor Alliance.

Marshall Thompson is a multi-disciplinary scientist, software engineer, and business leader with a strong interest in applying cutting-edge software practices to genomic-scale biological problems. Thompson completed his undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico, where he earned degrees in biology and computer science. Marshall went on to earn a doctorate in genetics and genomics from Duke University. Thompson has a wealth of experience in the software and business industry, with skills in software architecture and development, consulting, product development, technical marketing, sales engineering, support, and support management.

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Image - Katie Coleman

Katie Coleman

Product Engineering Lead, the Rare Cancer Research Foundation; Founder, the Chromophobe and Oncocytic Tumor Alliance

Image - Marshall Thompson

Marshall Thompson

President, RCRF

Image - Gerald Anthony Harris

Gerald Anthony Harris

Chair, Technology & Society Member-led Forum; President, Quantum Planning Group—Moderator