Image - Joan Biskupic
Image - Joan Biskupic

CNN's Joan Biskupic: Inside the Supreme Court

CNN Senior Supreme Court Analyst Joan Biskupic takes us inside one of the most devastating and consequential periods in modern Supreme Court history.

She details how the court’s seismic shift to the right has resulted in controversial decisions, including its reversal of Roe v. Wade and examines other recent cases where rights are being stripped away for some and expanded for others.

Biskupic has covered the Supreme Court for 25 years and has built a reputation as one of the country’s most astute legal observers. She assesses what the ensuing impact and repercussions will be from these decisions for generations to come.


Image - Joan Biskupic

Joan Biskupic

Senior Supreme Court Analyst, CNN; Author, Nine Black Robes: Inside the Supreme Court’s Drive to the Right and Its Historic Consequences; Twitter @JoanBiskupic

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In Conversation with Melissa Caen

Host, "Get Out the Bet" Podcast; Political Analyst; Attorney