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Silicon Valley

John Doerr, Chair of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Every startup, corporation and nonprofit began as an idea. But ideas can’t become a reality without successful execution. According to renowned venture capitalist John Doerr, the success of any organization hinges on understanding and mastering OKRs—Objectives and Key Results. Doerr demonstrates how companies and organizations like Google, Intel and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have achieved success by embracing OKRs, a framework that fosters focus, alignment, transparency and accountability for employees at all levels.

Doerr discovered the value of OKRs when he was an engineer at Intel working under Andy Grove. Since then he has helped entrepreneurs and startups become the “next big thing” in mobile and social networks, e-commerce, greentech and education. His investments and ventures have created more than 425,000 jobs worldwide.


Photo by Tina Case

May 9, 2018

Santa Clara Convention Center Theatre
5001 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, 95054
United States

Image - John Doerr

John Doerr

Chair, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Author, Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs; Twitter: @johndoerr

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In Conversation with Jessica Lessin

Founder and Editor in Chief, The Information