SAN FRANCISCO – (April 28, 2010) Inforum, San Francisco’s hub for live discourse on twenty-first century issues, recently welcomed Josh McHugh, President at Attention Span Media (ASM), and Julie Crabill, Founder and CEO of Inner Circle Labs, to its Board of Directors as President and Vice President of Operations, respectively. Inforum is a non-partisan division of the Commonwealth Club for and by people who are passionate about the power of civic debate to spur understanding, unite people, and inspire action.

“At Inforum we bring leaders, gurus, industry rockstars, and boundary-breakers together because we realize that smart is hot,” Caroline Moriarity Sacks, Inforum Director, states. “Only Inforum has controversial panel discussions, cocktail parties, debates, in-depth interviews, and community all in one. We’ve hosted everyone from controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, to food celeb Jamie Oliver, to Wu Tang’s the RZA.”

McHugh believes that Inforum’s worldly and ambitious audience is its greatest asset. “The next step for me and the talented members of the Inforum Board is to turn that audience into a thriving community - and to make sure Inforum's upcoming events move from people’s ‘should attend’ list onto their ‘must attend’ list,” he says. “We want them to come for the mind-expanding speakers we’ve got lined up, then connect with each other and take the conversation with them.”

McHugh and Crabill are the personification of Inforum’s savvy Bay Area membership. McHugh, executive producer of “Dorm Life” (Hulu’s most popular web series), has successfully integrated his journalism background with the business side of social media at ASM, a pioneering developer of online entertainment. After ten years in traditional agency PR, Crabill (named one of PR News’ 15 to Watch Under 35 in 2005) recently formed a new kind of communications company made for today’s entrepreneur and the modern workforce - where every project is a passion project.

With over 50 programs and 25 debates annually, as well as quarterly social events, INFORUM goes beyond the sound bite to provide a forum for young people to access the best-informed, most involved, and brightest minds – be they politicians, business gurus, policy workers, thought leaders, trendsetters or culture-jammers. In 2010, INFORUM members will see more diverse and exciting program topics and formats, broader geographic reach, and increased opportunities to directly engage with Board members, partner organizations, and, most importantly, each other.

For more information about upcoming Inforum programs and events, please visit or email