Image - Stuart Stevens and Statue of Liberty with target symbol over it
Image - Stuart Stevens and Statue of Liberty with target symbol over it

Stuart Stevens: The Conspiracy to End America

Will 2024 be America's last free and fair election? 

That ominous warning comes from Stuart Stevens, a former chief Republican strategist whose clients included President George W. Bush; Senators Chuck Grassley, Dick Lugar and Dan Coats; and Governors Haley Barbour, John Kyl, Bill Weld and many others. He says the GOP is dragging our country toward autocracy, and the party is no longer a "normal" political party in the American tradition. Rather, he says it is an autocratic movement masquerading as a political party.

As the Republican party changed, Stevens exited his role in one of the country's most influential political strategy firms and joined the Lincoln Project, where he is currently an advisor.

Stevens wrote about his fear for the country in his provocative new book, The Conspiracy to End America. In it, he reviews the elements that are necessary for democracies to slide into autocracy, and he examines each of these forces on the modern American right and how they are working together.

Are these the last days of the old republic? Or can there be a renewed commitment to democratic governance? Don't miss this talk as Stevens flashes a blinking red distress alert as well as a rallying cry to beat back this threat.


Note: This podcast contains explicit language. 

Image - Stuart Stevens

Stuart Stevens

Senior Advisor, The Lincoln Project; Author, The Conspiracy to End America: Five Ways My Old Party Is Driving Our Democracy to Autocracy; Twitter @stuartpstevens

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In Conversation with Brian Watt

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