InSight is the regular Commonwealth magazine column by Club President and CEO Dr. Gloria Duffy. 

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A selection of Dr. Duffy's speeches and media appearances

The Power of Civility: Dr. Duffy addresses the Lafayette United Methodist Church (June 24, 2018)
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Comments at Celebration for Professor John Lewis (November 2, 2017) 

My remembrance of Gary Chapman, delivered to the 24th ISODARCO conference (January 10, 2011) 

The New START Treaty, interview on KQED Forum with Michael Krasny (December 23, 2010) 

UC Berkeley Commencement (May 19, 2008) 

A Community of Purpose (February 29, 2008)

Dr. Duffy Q&A with Thomas Fingar (February 14, 2008)

USF Commencement (May 19, 2006)

Recall the System (October 5, 2003)

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I Miss My EV1 (April 2008)
Challenge U. (March 2008)
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Buy American (January 2008)
Ambushed (December 2007)
A Legacy of People (November 2007)
Tolstoy's Bicycle (October 2007)
Where Have All the Journalists Gone? (September 2007)
The Purplest Place in California (August 2007)
Choosing Our Next President (July 2007)
Driving David Halberstam (June 2007)
Turning the Tide with North Korea (May 2007)
Cycle Safety (April 2007)
Criminal Misunderstanding (March 2007)
Paying the Piper (February 2007)
Dedicated Woman (January 2007)
CalTRAIN (November/December 2006)
On the Shoulders of Giants (October 2006)
Mid-East Mess (September 2006)
Another Victim of Private Politics (August 2006)
Internet Fiction (July 2006)
Be a Visionary Leader! (June 2006)
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When Hearts Are Young (April 2006)
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Pian D'Alpe (February 2006)
Ex Libris (January 2006)
One If By Land, Two If By ... (November/December 2005)
Waterways and Watersheds (October 2005)
Teeth Whitening and Terrorism (September 2005)
What Will Democracy Solve? (August 2005)
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A McCloud on the Horizon (June 2005)
Shinkansen (May 2005)
Who's (Watching) Your Daddy? (April 2005)
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Mutual Fun (February 2005)