Image - Princess Mabel van Oranje
Image - Princess Mabel van Oranje

Princess Mabel van Oranje Is on a Mission to End Child Marriage

Join us for a conversation with Mabel van Oranje, human rights activist and serial entrepreneur for social change, for a reflection on the global challenges facing women and girls, and the solutions that are possible.

Mabel has dedicated her career to ending the practice of child marriage, which impacts 12 million girls every year. That’s a girl every 3 seconds. Her latest venture is VOW for Girls, which invests in the power, voice and choice of girls whose futures are at risk. In this interactive Q&A, Mabel will discuss her journey and share her vision for a world in which every girl can determine her own future.

Image - Mabel van Oranje

Mabel van Oranje

Princess Mabel van Oranje of the Netherlands; Serial Entrepreneur for Social Change; Founder and Chair, VOW for Girls

Image - Randy Newcomb

Randy Newcomb

Senior Advisor, The Omidyar Group—Moderator